Grade 4200 is our right, we will jump only after getting it

Grade 4200 is our right, we will jump only after getting it

Friends need one thing to remember that we make any kind of compromise to take our right
 Not in the mood to do. The teacher does not need to be misled by anyone.  As long as the grade pay grade of 4200 is accepted by the government Our right is our right and it is the commitment of the State Primary Teachers Union to fight for it against the government.  The State Primary Teachers Union is clear on this matter so the full moon day of any Ashadh month i.e. Gurupurnima.  This day has a special significance in Indian culture.  In our culture, a teacher is called a guru and a guru is a reality
 Parabrahma is considered.  At the present time we are all sitting in the same position of pride.  We are also gurus for thousands of students.  Every one of our decent (students) will be the best, most loving teacher friends, all will be skilled.

 At the present time we are all in the matter of health
 There is a need to be especially vigilant and to prevent coronavirus infection as you all know.
 You are also aware of the remedies for.  The new academic session has started but without children this academic session seems faint to us.  We all go to school but we are compelled to do the work for which Vidhata has entrusted us.  Hopefully a few
 In days to come, we will be back to our normal state of life and our work.  Since the beginning of our academic session, the government has started a program of "Home Learning".  D.D.  Educational work of children has been started through Girnar (Doordarshan) channel and Diksha portal.  The children have stopped coming to school for the time being but education has been given.  The monthly "Learn at Home" book has also been distributed to children.
 In addition, the distribution of textbooks to children of every standard has been largely completed.  The teachers of the state have also informed the parents and children about the current system of education by visiting the homes of the children and the conscious parents as well as the children have started taking education through this system.  Which is a matter of pleasure.  Regular schools are also being opened by teachers in each school with rotation system.

 The state government's "home learning" program is great, but teachers are being harassed by officials at the district and taluka levels.  Although every teacher tries to make the ‘Home Learning’ program smooth according to the local situation, the teachers are unnecessarily harassed by some taluka level officials which is not at all appropriate.  All the district presidents, general secretaries and state union office bearers have a statement that teachers should not turn a blind eye to any matter that is being harassed and if the officer needs to say two words, say two words in the interest of the teachers.  We also have to look after the interest of our teachers.

 A meeting was also held with the committee at Gandhinagar regarding the committee which was constituted by the state government on the issue of 300 grade pay.  Our future will be successful ...

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