The immortal character of history of Mahavira Swami

The immortal character of history of Mahavira Swami
 The twenty-fourth Tirthankar of Jainism is considered to be Mahavira.  Those who have conquered the mind, speech and body completely are called 'gin'.  Those who follow the religion of such men are called Jains.  Such Mahatmas, through their teachings and life examples, have saved countless people from this world,
 That is why such men are called Tirthakar.  Tirth means Ovaro, Aro, the place where the river descends.  Those who built this worldly river, paved the way, are Tirthakar.
 Rishabhdev is considered to be the first pilgrim of Jainism.  It is said in the Jain scriptures that in his time people did not seem to be able to read or write, nor did they know how to cook or shave.  But also the way to get married
 Did not turn on.  It was Rishabhdev who taught people writing, mathematics, cookery, etc. and introduced the method of marriage.  Mahavira Swami is the twenty-fourth Tirthankar.  He was born about 200 years ago in Vaishali town to a Kshatriya king named Siddhartha.  His mother's name was Trishladevi.  From the time he was born, his father's wealth, grain, strength, etc. began to increase greatly.
 That is why the king named him 'Vardhman'.
 From an early age, AOs were very strong and intelligent and began to demand it.  A king named Samaraveer sent a message to Vardhman's father to marry his daughter Yashoda to Vardhman.  Putranuman also left the world and turned to sadhana.  The parents were worried about him.  When Ao grew up, he knew that his mind was not in the world for him, so his parents tried to find out his opinion on the matter through Vardhman's friends. Vardhman told his friends, "I am thinking of becoming a monk.
Believe me, I have a lot of affection for him, so I have decided not to become a monk while he is alive with the intention that he will not be shocked.  Despite knowing this, if they want to marry me and bind me in the world, then they must force me. ”  But her parents decided to marry her.  And Vardhman could not deny them.  Thus he got married to Yashoda.  In time, they had a daughter.  Mahavira died when his parents died at the age of twenty-eight.  Now he felt that he could be baptized.  But his older brother insisted on staying for another two years.

 Vardhman also succumbed to the insistence.  His determination was strong so he didn't mind stopping.  He spent those two years in preparation for penance and after two years he left the world.  He spent the next twelve years in various rigorous penances and meditations.  During these twelve years, AO traveled to many villages and faced many difficulties.  Getting dry and stale food.
 Often killing people, barking dogs.  Dogs eat meat loaves.  Mosquitoes pierce the body.  Snake-snake bites.  People throwing dust.  Beating them.  Tumbling  Thus, in the midst of various hardships, a car accident happened at the end of twelve years.  Mahavira was sitting in meditation outside the village.  A cowherd a little farther away
 The oxen were grazing in the fields.  So he had to go to Kamsar village.  He told Vardhman, who was meditating, to save the ox and rushed to the village.  Vardhama did not even hear this.  The oxen fell alone and wandered off into the bushes.  Gowal comes back and sees
 If there is, the ox is not found.  He asked Vardhman who was sitting in meditation but he did not answer.  So he got irritated.  ‘Ears or holes?’  Saying this, he took two spears and stuck them in both the ears of Vardhman.  Even this terrible pain was borne by Vardhama with a dumb mouth.  Then next
 Went to town begging.  There a householder begged him for money.

 There was a doctor sitting there who understood from Vardhman's mouth that he was in pain somewhere.  Her earlobe was found during the investigation.  His Majesty grabbed him by the tongs and pulled out both the skewers, but the agony that took place at that time also caused him to scream.  This
 Then in a short time at the age of 2-3 years, he only got knowledge.  He traveled for thirty years to spread the knowledge he had acquired.  He traveled extensively in what is now called Bihar and in some parts of Bengal.  His rule was not to stay more than one night in any village, and not to stay more than five-seven nights in a big village.  In the monsoon they lived in the same place.  He made many disciples.  There were eleven major ones.  One of his disciples was a woman named Chand.  Thus he established a separate union of monks and nuns.  They leave the world and follow the strict rules of heat.  Stays in another world and listens to the teachings of the sages.  They are called listeners and listeners.

  He emphasized this point in his sermon:
1. Speaking the truth.  .  
2.violence of life.  
3. stealing
4. Celebrating celibacy.  
5. Don't hoard things.

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